I provide individual and family therapy for children and adults, including play therapy, for those seeking help in managing:

Depression  |  Anxiety  |  Self-Esteem  |  Social Issues  |  Family Issues  |  ADHD  | Emotional/Behavioral Issues Associated with Diabetes or Other Chronic Health Conditions

Learn more about my extensive work with children who have diabetes and their families, among experience in other areas.

Individual Therapy – Issues an individual may face often vary due to causes or influences. I work to understand the unique circumstances of each individual and develop a plan that fits his or her needs.

Family Therapy – Family support and involvement is an important factor in the therapeutic process. Depending on the circumstances, it may be useful to examine the relationships and interactions within the family that could assist the individual(s) in achieving optimal family functioning.

Play Therapy – As a form of individual therapy, I will often use this specialized type of therapy that uses play to help the individual (typically children) communicate during the therapeutic process. The following video from the Association for Play Therapy helps describe the benefits of play therapy.